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In part 1 of this article, I discussed why you should consider creating digital content for education. In part 2, you will be expose to

what you should create and

how you should go about it.

Enjoy your reading

There are so many ways to make your money by creating digital content. But you need patience and skills. You will need to create a name by giving out free products consistently and selling some premium products as I will explain below. This is called freemium model.

Start by creating worksheets for free and create a workbook for a fee like this site; effortless math.

Your free worksheets will keep attracting visitors to your site and that will increase your chance of making money from your paid product. This is how digital business works. It’s a game of numbers, the more attention you get, the higher your chances of selling.

Start by creating video lessons on YouTube and direct your viewers to your site where you sell to them like this site.

The idea is the same. You have to do all you could to get the attention of the right target to yourself. It’s not as difficult as you think two of 10 min videos per week is a good way to start.

Start by creating workbooks or worksheets for some topics and make others as a paid one like this site.

Generally, the idea is that you offer something of value before you ask for money. This is where online business differs slightly from physical business.

If you observe, all the examples I gave, none of them is a Nigeria site. This shows that this idea is still at the infant stage in Nigeria and that is why you need to start now. You already have the fundamental skill set, you only need few additional skills to kickstart.

Since you are a math teacher, for instance, you only need to add the other little skills and start. And guess what, you can start with no money except your time. YouTube is free, Facebook is free to aid marketing and you can create free websites. But the truth is, to make it here, you have to pay something.

Another advantage you get by doing this is personal branding. Since you will now be known for the value you offer, you set yourself up for bigger opportunities from schools and even parents.

The skills you need.

Content skills

Assumably, you already possess the key content skill. If you are an English teacher, I want to believe you understand the rudiments f the subject. Now, that you will be going public (global), you have to be sure of the stuff you are made of. So, if you still want to brush up on your content skills, better do

Tools’ skills

This will request you to know how to use some basic tools such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. This is what you will need to design your worksheet, workbooks, and even your lesson note for video classes if you have to.

Secondly, it is important you know how to use canva if you can. Canva will help you to create eye catchy and educationally viable designs. There are so many other tools that you will come to know as you progress in the industry

Marketing skills

This is the big one. As much as there are hungry markets for this product, there are global competitors as well. You have to learn the rudiments of marketing to be able to stay afloat. More importantly, I recommend learning basic digital marketing skills. It will help you to put yourself out there for people to visit your site or wherever you want to start from.

Also, it is possible to start with social media such as Facebook. But you will have to learn the rudiments of Facebook marketing to get you started. Create a Facebook group and start giving out resources for free not long, you gain large followership, people will begin to consult you and that will just be the beginning of your premium package.

Note that the fact that some of your resources will be given out for free does not mean you will not market your platform. There are so many free resources out there, so you still need to market yourself.

Another way to look at this thing is adverts. If you give all your resources for free and gain large followership, likes, or website traffic, you can make your money through a paid ad.

You can partner with other teachers to create an even richer platform. Isn’t that a great idea? A platform where all subjects, all topics are trashed into pieces.

Congratulations, if you read to this point, you are one of the 10% I projected that will get to the end. However, only 1% will benefit fully from this idea. And those are the people that takes action

If you are still confused about how to start, you can send a mail to abdulbnarikewuyo@gmail.com to book a one-on-one coaching session on how to create digital products.

Take action.



Abdulrafiu Arikewuyo

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