Abdulrafiu Arikewuyo
2 min readJun 28, 2021
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I lack the right combination of words or even the skill altogether to explain to you in a way that you will understand how education is changing. It is no longer business as usual. This current trend in education requires the full engagement of parents to ensure success.

Students are now exposed to external resources outside the classroom that can make or mar their classroom learning. The proliferation of social media and internet usage exposes students to a whole lot of resources that can influence their education rightly, or wrongly.

This is where it gets tricky because teachers have no eye outside the classroom. Their scope and control are only limited to what’s happening inside the classroom. Therefore, parents have a huge responsibility to ensure that whatever students are exposed to outside the school hour is something that will add value to their learning experience and not deplete it.

If however, you are careless about this, whatever you pay as school fees is a complete waste, trust me. The impact of social media and other internet resources can be so strong that a little exposure can completely course a psychological distraction for the students and affect their learning forever.

Wait, does that mean they are bad? No, they are not. They are only a double-edged sword such that if you don’t use them productively, they use you economically and dump you empty.

Therefore, as a parent, for you to get the best value, you have to design a system that will allow you to get involved in the education of your children.



Abdulrafiu Arikewuyo

Abdulrafiu Arikewuyo is a teacher and a writer. On a mission to change the school model.