4 benefits of the UK teaching job offer to Nigeria teaching profession.

Abdulrafiu Arikewuyo
3 min readJan 30, 2023

Towards the end of 2022, the UK government released a report that got everyone talking on the internet. In the report, the UK added more countries to the list of countries whose citizens are allowed to work as a teacher through an easier route. Interestingly, Nigeria made it to that list. This means that qualified Nigerians can easily apply for and get a teaching job in the UK. Please note that Nigerians can actually work in the UK before now but through a more rigorous and expensive route.

A teaching job offer in the United Kingdom (UK) can provide numerous benefits to the Nigerian teaching profession.

  1. Global marketability.

The UK government said that the choice of adding new countries to the previous list is based on research. This will be an authoritative indication that Nigerian teachers have improved credibility. By extension, this will have a positive effect on Nigerian teachers across the globe. Whichever part of the world any Nigerian might be teaching now, this development will add more feathers to their cap. That way, they will be more valuable, and should in case they need to get another teaching job, they will have a better chance.

Therefore, this announcement by the UK government will ensure that Nigerian teachers are more marketable globally.

2. Improve professional value.

This development will ensure that more Nigerians find their way out of the country to seek better teaching job opportunities abroad — not only in the UK but other parts of the globe. When this happens, there will be a decline in the number of quality teachers in the country thereby making those behind much more sought out and by extension more valuable.

In a similar vein, more brilliant young people can aspire to become a teacher once again.


3. Improved experience and knowledge.

The UK teaching opportunity would offer Nigerian teachers the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of different teaching methods and educational systems. The UK has a well-established education system that is highly respected globally, and Nigerian teachers working in the UK would have the opportunity to learn from experienced educators and apply those methods in their classrooms upon returning to Nigeria.

Also, the teaching job offer would provide Nigerian teachers with the opportunity to gain exposure to new technologies and resources that are not as readily available in Nigeria. This could include access to state-of-the-art technology, such as interactive whiteboards and online learning platforms, which would be beneficial for their teaching career.

4. Language skill.

Working in the UK would also provide Nigerian teachers with the opportunity to improve their English language proficiency. As the medium of instruction in the UK is mainly in English, Nigerian teachers would have the opportunity to improve their language skills, which would be beneficial for their teaching career in Nigeria, where English is also a medium of instruction.

Finally, a UK teaching job offer would also be an opportunity for Nigerian teachers to gain international experience and

exposure. This can broaden their perspective, give them a better understanding of different cultures, and also make them more attractive job candidates in the global education market.

In conclusion, I am excited about this development. Not because it did not come with its demerit but because it will make the teaching profession a respectable one which it has lost until now.



Abdulrafiu Arikewuyo

Abdulrafiu Arikewuyo is a teacher and a writer. On a mission to change the school model.